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Triathlon - Ironman

Thanks to my training programs, you will learn how to train and how to be more organized managing your life by finding the right balance between work, family and time you have devoted to sport.

At the end of the training program, you will be in excellent shape and ready to finish the competition.


Swimming 3.8 km
Cycling 180 km
Running 42.2 km

The queen of the distances… The Ironman!
Thanks to my training programs, you will be able to arrive to the competition day in the perfect shape, allowing you to complete it successfully!
As you know, you have to run swim for 3.8 km, cycle for 180 km and run for 42.2 km.
Workloads (intensity and volume) will be gradually suggested to you, during the training period, and they will indiscreetly move to increasingly high intensities, as quickly as you approach to the competition. According to your preparation level (training program. and duration) and type (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), it will take from 10 to 14 hours to complete your Ironman!
In order to complete your performance, you have to train every discipline two or three times per week, and also some strength training sessions.
It means that you will train almost every day, so you will need to be arranged in order to balance family, job, training sessions and recovery (a fundamental part of the training .
This is one of the reasons why a lot of athletes choose our programs: in fact they are sure of having programs made by a professional. These programs are also very easy to follow, thanks to explanatory note (Protocol Test and a file where you can find the terminology ), with the aim of allowing you to live this fantastic experience successfully!

Athletes who have experienced our programs have reached their objectives set, also qualifying for the Ironman World Championship Hawaii, Kona.
My online training programs are made for athletes who want a specific program with a specific target. Thanks to the perfect training distribution during the weeks and to the loads progression (intensity and volume), there is evidence (check the feedback) that the athlete will reach his objectives set. I suggest a not less than 3-4 months preparation for experienced athletes, 6-7 months for those who have already experienced classic duathlon, and 9-12 months for the athletes who want to respect the trainings sequence and loads progression (basically, respecting the standard preparation phases).
The two preparation phases are Base Period (general and specific period) and Competition Period (pre-competition and during the competition) and also have the possibility to enjoy some day off.
In summary, the sooner you start, the more possibilities you will have to gradually increase volumes and intensity of your trainings, so that you can reach a good fitness level,
Lastly, for all-round athletes who want to feel good and in shape all the year, I suggest the 12 months-program, in order to add also a transition period, where you would carry out strengthening (Core, Gym and TRX), technique and flexibility exercises!
Take your pick, I wish you a good training!


According to the new rules, the start, which is the most traumatic part of the performance, both mentally and physically, has been changed, and the waves start has been introduced: it means that the athlete can chooses the wave according to his hypothetical fraction time. I also add to the program specific trainings where you will need to wear a wetsuit (in fact, during your performance you will have to wear it), with a lot of suggestions in order to perfect the technique in view of the race day.
I also suggest to wear, as well as the wetsuit, the swim outfit and the goggles you will use during your performance, so that you can assess if they are ok for you.
The same principle also applies to feed and food supplement: you have to define them in the months leading up to your performance.
During my training sessions you will use swim paddles and the pull body, so that you can train resistant strength (swim paddles) and also you can recreate floating feelings that you will experience during you swim fraction thanks to the pull body.


Cycling fraction covers around 55% of the entire race, so you have to dedicate a big part of your training to it.
During your training period, you will be able to face from 170 to 210 km bike rides, so that you can reach and maintain a good fitness level, which will let you to complete in the best way you can cycling fraction and run fraction
I suggest to do your bike session in group, in order to understand the feelings to cycle with people next to you. Generally, cycling sessions are set on Saturday.
Of course you will need to train Indoor, particularly for specific trainings, and thanks to some apps and videos (for example the Zwift App) your training will be useful and funny at the same time!
Thanks to my training programs you have an exclusive: you can download the cycling fraction race track and add it in your home trainer, in order to face the track before your performance!
Indoor training with home trainer ensures you a productive and safely experience, avoiding the risk of cycling along the road “Drive safe!!”.
Food supplement and feed are also two fundamental parameters to consider during your cycling fraction, and I will teach you how to manage these two important aspects!


Generally, run is the fraction that makes the different between a good performance and a bad performance, so you have to prepare it at best. During the program you will have to run from 3 to 6 times per week ( according to the kind program you will choose ), in order to adapt your body to the race feelings.
In my training programs, you will find very well balanced workloads, with a specific cadence (days and hours) between two training sessions.
During the subsequent weeks you will add to your run training with a bike training (Brick), so that you can get used to these feelings, which will be with you also during your performance.
Part of the trainings will be performed in a comfortable pace (Zone 1 and Zone 2) as well as specific strength and speed jobs (Zone 5 and beyond), in order to include all the aspects which will be important during your performance.


The training program also provides for some strengthening exercises (Core) which will help you to increase further your body strength. They will take every single one around 20 minutes, so that the would be used in addition to bike training, without any organizational problems, in every situation (trips, hotel, etc…)

Discover the training plan that's right for you!

Do you want a coach dedicated to you and your specific preparation?
  • $ 100
    Single class
  • silver
    • Athlete history
    • Objective evaluation based on field tests
    • Personalized training program with 8 week sending intervals
    • Account Base TrainingPeaks
    • Feedback every 8 weeks through TrainingPeaks
  • $ 100
    Single class
  • silver
    • Athlete history
    • Field test with evaluation of video footage taken by the athlete and related considerations
    • Discussion on training sessions, organization of future ones and race planing
    • Personalized training program with 6 week sending intervals
    • Weekly feedback through TrainingPeaks
    • Food advice
    • Possibility to modify the training program twice a month
    • Tips for choosing products for swimming, cycling, running
  • $ 100
    Single class
  • silver
    • Athlete history
    • Field test and functional evaluation test in the studio, in the presence of the Coach
    • Field meetings during training and / or competitions for a minimum of 4 matches
    • Personalized programs with 4 week sending intervals
    • Personalized programs for muscle strengthening and core stability
    • Premium Account TrainingPeaks
    • Daily feedback through TrainingPeaks and weekly phone conversation
    • Food and supplementary advice during the various training periods
    • Possibility to modify the training program without limitations
    • Complete assistance for the choice of materials for swimming, cycling, running


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Many athletes have relied on MTrainingLab and have achieved results in sprint triathlon races, Ironman, Ironman 70.3, marathons and off road races.




Ironman 70.3
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